savings advice west corkI think most of us have started our new years resolutions by now. What are yours? Our resolution at Skibbereen credit union is to get West Cork saving for 2012!

We know this is much easier said than done and we are aware January can be a particularly bleak month financially for many people. Whilst saving for the short term and putting your money away for a rainy day to earn some interest whilst still giving you the flexibility to access your money at short notice might be what you are looking for, more and more of us are struggling to put away some of our well earned cash. After all, who knows what tomorrow might bring? We can never be TOO careful with our finances. We know we can't turn water into wine but we certainly feel we can help improve family finances in West Cork with our experience and advice.

So how about you start by putting as little as €1 to €5 away a week? Every little helps and before you know it, you will have a nice little nest egg.

For the best savings advice call in to us at the credit union today to discuss your options and to listen to some expert advice! 

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