Create a Savings Habit and CU'r Savings Grow


Setting money aside for savings can be difficult but with a little effort and determination it can become a habit. The amount you save is not as important as establishing the habit itself. Decide on the amount and let this be your first "payment" out of your income each week.

This is what the Mon€y Saver Account with Skibbereen Credit Union is for.


How the Mon€y Saver works

  • The Mon€y Saver Account is a 2 year fixed rate deposit account with 2% AER on year one and 2% AER on year two.
  • Members must be at least 16 years of age at the time of opening the account.
  • Lodge any amount from €10 to €200 each month.
  • A minimum monthly lodgement must be made each month for the first 12 months, failure to do so will break the terms and conditions of the account.
  • Withdrawals are deemed to break the terms and conditions of the account.

Member Benefits

  • The Mon€y Saver provides you with the option to save between €10 and €200 a month and payments can be by direct debit.
  • The Mon€y Saver account can be used as security against a loan.
  • The Mon€y Saver account helps you develop the habit of saving and assists you in achieving your financial goals, e.g. a car, holidays, your children's education etc.
  • The Mon€y Saver account gives you an opportunity to teach your teenage children how to manage their money and the value of saving.

For full details on the Mon€y Saver Account, contact Skibbereen Credit Union on 028 21883 or visit our website. To open a Monéy Saver Account, call into one of our offices to speak to a member of staff.


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Posted on: April 25th, 2015

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